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    时间: 2020.3.13









    Announcement of Postponing

    The “2019 Xiong’an Urban Facilities Design Competition” 

    According to the national prevention and control requirments of the epidemic, the “2019 Xiong’an Urban Facilities Design Competition ”is kept moving the every aspects of work by ways such as online video meeting. The mid-term review meeting for the Professional Group had been succesussfully conducted on March  7 2020. On the meeting, the organization committee proposed  suggestions on the deliveries of the each design institutes and made the working plans for the next phase. The design delivery deadlines are announced as follow.

    The deadline for the Public Group of “2019 Xiong’an Urban Facilities Design Competition “ to register and submit their final results  (previously scheduled on March 10 at 24:00, 2020) will be postponed until April 20 at 24:00,2020 (Beijing Time). And the deadline for the Professional Group to submit the results (previously scheduled on March 15 at 24:00, 2020) will be postponed until March 31 at 24:00, 2020 (Beijing Time). New schedules of the review, exhibition and other relevant work will be decided based on the development of epidemic containment efforts on the ground, which will be released by the official website of the competition and other professional media organizations once they are finalized.

    Special Attention: The delivery results for each of the Public Group(including institutes, groups and individuals) should include four categories of the system. Please choose at least one single sub-item from each of the category to design. A complete proposed design to sumbit should consist of four categories. Submitting the result with single category will be deemed as invalid submission.

    Management Committee of 

    Xiong’an New Area

    Central Academy of Fine Arts

    March 13, 2020